Current Work

Ralph Emlyn Morgan

Researcher ID: G-3020-2010

ORCID: 0000-0003-4692-771X

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PO Box 220 Forestville NSW 2087 Australia


Morgan Observatory

In the medium-to-long term (3-10 years) I plan on constructing a small, robotic observatory on our hobby farm (~10 hectares) located near Forster, NSW (approximately 350 km north of Sydney). The goal is to mount my old (circa 1980) Meade LX10 10" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope on a permanent pier within a small "observatory" building, and control the telescope's "push-to" control system (utilizing JMI RA/DEC encoders and 'dumb' drives on both axes) - initially from within the nearby farm house via a 30m-long USB link, and possibly remotely from Sydney via the internet.

Current plans are to make a start on minor planet astrometry using a Meade DSI II Pro CCD While the telescope is still located in Sydney, and upgrade the control interface to TheSky X, and experiment with automating some telescope functions (such as stowing the scope at the end of an observation session).

The "observatory" is envisaged to be a small besser block structure built around the telescope permanent pier. A pair of 1.2m x 0.75m x 0.90m 'bin covers' mounted on top of the low walls will act as the roof. The covers will tilt-off and, provided the besser block wall is a sufficient height above the ground level, will provide the telescope with an unobstructed view of the natural horizon.

This project will remain on the 'back burner' while I'm busy working full-time and doing my MSc/PhD research part-time, so progress is likely to be glacial until my retirement 15+ years from now.